I purchased a HeatMaster SS G-200 back in August. After doing a lot of research on many different brands that are out here. Looking at all the materials

used in the different units and how they hold up. I learned that mild steel, boiler plate, 304 stainless steel, cast iron, are not the materials that are the best. They all have problems with heat transfer, cracking, water leaks, rapid corrosion. The 409 Stainless steel overcomes all that. After seeing one in

operation at the Boonville Loggin Show. I was impressed with the quality and amount of stainless that is used in the units. I purchased one that was at the show, and the dealer delivered it on his way home. I removed my old marathon boiler which was way to small for my house and garage that I added.

I installed the G-200 in a few days it was up and running. With dual inlet and outlet ports it was an easy hookip, one set to the house and one to the garage. Fired it up pretty easy to do with the blower on, smoke a little until it started to gasify then it cleared up and just heat waves out the stack. I burned pine until mid November with no problems and plenty of heat on cold nights. Switching over to hardwood November. It hs been warmer this winter than last' I have been getting about 20 hours of burn time on the wood, just heating the house on 28*F nights. HeatMaster made it easy to clean

the heat exchanger tubes with the external handle. And the smoke bypass pulls the smoke away from you while you are loading. Easy ash removal on bottom less than a minute to do, maybe twice a month.

I am very happy with this unit and the support I have received not only from the dealer but at the factory level also.

Thank you HeatMaster ss for building a qualtiy outside wood boiler.

Best Regards