What these features mean

Below is a brief description of some features among Gasification furnaces and what the mean when selling furnaces to customers.

Induced Air Draft - Induced air allows for more efficient and complete air control throughout the complete burn process than forced air. It also prevents thermocycling during idle and creasote blockages in air exchange tubes.

Stainless Steel -Stainless steel lasts longer and stands up to corrosion better then mild steel. A mild steel furnace will last on average from 7 - 12 years where a stainless steel furnace will last 20 years if well taken care of. Generally companies use 409 or 304 Stainless steel in their furnace. HeatMasterss furnaces are made from 409 Stainless Steel because it is designed for high temperature situations, has fast heat transfer and warps less then other metals used in wood furnaces. Some companies use Boiler Plate in their firebox. Boiler Plate is a high grade carbon (mild) steel designed for high pressure applications and generally lasts no longer then regular carbon (mild) steel. This is especially important in wood gasification boilers as creosote buildup in the firebox will rot mild steel quickly and cause premature failures.

Insulation -Furnaces are insulated two ways, with batts or with spray-in foam. Sprayin foam will have no seams when new but will add cost to the repair of the furnace and does not breathe and only traps moisture. Batted insulation does have seams, but properly installed will breathe to allow any condensation from sweating or leakage to evaporate whereas foam insulation will not breathe and hold condensation against the tank, possibly causing corrosion of mild steel. Batted insulation will last longer and insulate as well as foam while not adding unnecessary cost to the unit. Heatmasterss uses fibreglass blanket insulation to eliminate seems in the insulation and heat loss.

Vertical Heat Exchange - A vertical heat exchange allows for efficient air exchange and minimizes opportunity for debris built up inside the vertical tubes. Horizontal heat exchange tubes will clog and trap debris and creosote over time and require more maintenance and cleaning to ensure the furnace works properly. In extreme cases, buildup in horizontal heat exchange tubes can cause premature failure of the furnace.

Heat Exchange Spirals -Heat exchange spirals assure complete heat transfer through the heat exchange tubes by making the exhaust scrub up against the heat exchange tube wall and are also linked to a lever to clean heat exchanger tubes with a simple pulling of the handle.

Safety By-Pass– All G Series models are equipped with a safety certified air by pass which safely removes and does not allow smoke out of the firebox and keeps the operator clean when reloading.

Powder Coat Paint - Keeps the unit looking new for many years. Essentially the paint is baked on and will not peal or burn off nearly as fast. Adds cost to the unit but keeps the unit looking new much longer.


A feature comparison of competitors to HeatMaster SS G Series