Typical 250,000 btu Heat Exchanger separates the house pressurized system from the outside wood boiler system, which is open to the atmosphere. This maintains the warranty for the house boiler. With Full Gauges, shut off valves, and unions, we install hose bibs to back-flush dirt out or use cleaning solutions to clean out mineral deposits off the plates.

Here at P.C. we are dedicated to the customers, with answering questions and listening to their views and opinions. We have been burning wood for 21 years with wood stoves and 14 years with a conventional outside wood furnace. We don't just sell the furnaces, we are very satisfied users of a G­200. We can do heating requirements to see if the purchase and pay back on an outside wood furnace is going to be a better alternative for your home. We can figure heat losses In existing systems and help improve older systems with newer technology. The new G­-Series Gasifiers uses half the wood as the older conventional wood furnaces cutting back on the wood, labor and money.

To keep your family safe, we would highly recommend removing the wood stove from inside to outside eliminating the fire hazard from the house. That should help reduce the insurance premiums for the home owner. Many other benefits fall into place, no bugs ,no molds, no saw dust, no dirt, no smoke and more space.

P.C. is a full service family oriented company. We can assist you with the wood furnace hookup, or complete the job for customers. We will personally be there when you fire up your newly installed boiler for the first time assisting you through the operation. Try having THAT service offered to you from a “sales person” of another brand.